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Founded on Health Care Expertise

Our goal is to enhance the value of your practice.
InHealth focuses exclusively on health care practices and their unique requirements. We offer the most comprehensive Practice Protection Pledge in the industry, and our growth is proof of our ability to consistently meet your specific needs. Our 200+ associates in specialized divisions currently serve more than 25,000 medical practices in all 50 states and Canada.


In 1977, Practice Productivity Inc. (PPI), a nationally recognized management consulting firm, taught workshops designed to improve the overall effectiveness and efficiency of medical practices. PPI founded InHealth Record Systems (a division of Professional Filing Systems, Inc.) to provide practices with a way to implement the practice management ideas learned at the workshops.

By 1982, InHealth established a dedicated manufacturing facility to meet the needs of our customers. Beginning with one piece of equipment, the facility has grown into a full-scale manufacturing plant that produces file folders, file folder attachments, filebacks, indexes, labels, and a multitude of printed items.

Over the years, our reputation has been firmly established as an organization that provides quality products and excellent customer service.

Since then, paper expertise has gone high-tech. As medical record keeping systems have changed, so has InHealth. We were sobered at the 1995 Electronic Medical Records Symposium to see that technologies that could replace paper were readily available. From that moment on, we committed ourselves to pursuing best-of-breed technologies that leveraged our expertise on behalf of our clients.

Now, in addition to continuing to provide superior paper systems, our product and service offerings include: durable medical equipment, breast pumps and accessories, billing services, and coding publications.

We continue to use a network of health care consultants to establish initial contact with practices and market our products and services. Those consultants lead medical workshops on a variety of topics, including: Medicare, Managed Care, HIPAA, Malpractice Liability, and Overall Practice Management. Our educational materials are used nationwide as teaching tools in approximately 750 workshops annually.

From paper to paperless, InHealth provides the record keeping products, services, and systems that keep your practice on the right track.


  • Improve your ability to provide quality patient care
  • Reduce your practice liability risk
  • Improve patient perception of your practice
  • Maximize practice reimbursement
  • Maximize overall practice efficiency.


1. 2-for-1 Replacement Policy
We will provide a product that is of acceptable quality or we will replace it at a two-for-one rate.

2. On Time or It’s FREE!
We will deliver your systems supplies on schedule or they are free.

3. Never Run Out Protection!
If we let you run out of your critical systems supplies, we will pay all express charges to get them to you by the fastest possible means.

4. No Price Increase for 2 Years!
We will protect your practice from price increases for 2 years or we will absorb the increases.

5. THERE when you need it
We provide same-day shipping of stock items and next-day shipping of production items when required.

6. Improved Cash Flow
Our computerized practice inventory control system will minimize the amount of your cash tied up in supply inventory.

7. More Office Space
Let us store your supplies for you and save you expensive office space.

8. Volume Pricing
Our “Supply Closet” service provides the economy of volume pricing while guaranteeing price protection for up to two years.


9. Try Before You Buy
We will provide you with free samples of stock items and no-charge mock-ups of custom items.

10. Factory Direct
InHealth is an original manufacturer, so we save you money!

11.No Dealer Overhead
Your InHealth Systems Consultant is a fulltime employee, not a cost-added dealer.

12. Your Record Specialist
We will help you design your record keeping system to save time, enhance patient care, reduce liability and increase staff efficiency.

13. Enhanced Practice Value
Our primary goal is to enhance the value of your practice and not simply sell you a product.

14. Customer Shopping Service
We will save you valuable time by providing a single-source shopping service to meet all of your needs.

15. HERE when you need us
An InHealth Service Representative is as close as your phone, twelve hours a day, 8 am to 8 pm EST, Monday through Friday.

16. THERE when you need us
When required, InHealth will send a Record Consultant to your practice.