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InHealth's Partners in Practice Program

Save Additional Dollars - 5 Ways!

InHealth is more than just a record systems supplier. We are your partner. As such, we have a vested interest in helping you improve the bottom-line profitability of your practice. That is our mission: to reduce your liability and the cost of labor, while enhancing your ability to provide quality healthcare to your patients.

Since our inception in 1977, we have moved beyond the initial design, production, and implementation of systems within a practice. To fully accomplish our mission, we continue to provide exceptional service after you invest in our products and systems.

We invite you, our loyal InHealth customer, to take advantage of additional dollar savings and other benefits available to your practice at no charge through our Partners in Practice Program.

InHealth Supply Closet Service

Ask your Service Representative how you can:

• Escape the “it’s our last one” scenario. We will track your critical front-office systems inventory for you.

• Lower your supply costs significantly, based on annual requirements rather than individual order quantities.

• Eliminate price increases. Your supply costs are guaranteed for a minimum of 1 year and for up to 24 months.

• Free up valuable office space. Use our warehouse to store your custom supplies at no charge.

InHealth 5-Star Delivery Service

How the program works

Research: Your Service Representative will review all individual deliveries of InHealth products that have been made to your practice during the past 12 months.

Plan: Utilizing that information, your Service Representative will establish a proposed schedule of future delivery dates for the next 12 months.

Refine: Working together, you and your service representative will refine the schedule to meet your practice’s anticipated future needs, including any additional products or services you may care to add.

Benefit: As a result of the pre-scheduling, both your practice and InHealth benefit. We pass the savings on to you through consolidated shipments, reduced freight costs, two-year price guarantees, and consolidated invoicing.

Ask your Service Representative to do the research for your practice. And Save!

InHealth Cash-flow Services

Address short-term cash-flow situations in two unique ways:

• Spread out a one-time cash requirement over 12, 24, or 36 months with InHealth’s Note-to-Repay. Even though a new InHealth system is truly an investment that will more than pay for itself over time, we realize that the upfront cost associated with the implementation of a new system can put a strain on short-term cash flow.

• Spread your practice’s anticipated annual expenditures for supplies over 12 equal monthly payments using InHealth’s Auto-pay services. Ongoing investment in system supplies, while continuous, can fluctuate significantly during a year, based on season-to-season usage levels, the practice’s storage capacity, and the available economic order quantities. Such fluctuation may create a budgeting and cash-flow management challenge.

Talk to your Service Representative about how both of these services might benefit your practice.

InHealth Purchasing Service

Reduce your supply cost by a minimum of 13%!

If your practice has 5 or more physicians and annually spends more than $10,000 on business systems supplies and services, you may qualify for InHealth’s Large-User Group Purchasing Service.

The savings are guaranteed!

InHealth Custom Consulting Service

Call us for free, expert advice.

Call us for free, expert advice. A quick glance through our catalogs will make you aware of our willingness to customize products and systems to your specific needs.

Our experienced representatives are at the heart of our business, and they are always available to you as part of our normal business process. “Ask your Service Representative” is easily our most repeated phrase. 

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