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InHealth's Paper Systems

Our wide variety of paper-based systems help you better manage your critical information.

Filing Systems

Choose among the most efficient and effective paper-based record keeping systems available on the market.

Our Filing Systems products include file folders, attachments, color-coding systems and filing equipment. For additional details, see our online catalog.

With InHealth, you will:
• Improve ability to provide quality patient care,
• Improve patient perception of your practice,
• Reduce your practice liability risk,
• Maximize practice reimbursement, and 
• Maximize overall practice efficiency.

Charting Systems

The problem-oriented medical record (POMR) is the only charting system recommended by medical record consultants, malpractice attorneys, and medical and malpractice insurance companies for adequately addressing the quality and consistency of ongoing patient care documentation.

Our Charting System products include indexes, filebacks, medical forms, prescription forms and telephone message forms. For additional details, see our online catalog.

X-Ray Systems

InHealth applies our filing and charting system expertise to the special category of X-rays. Everything’s bigger, but you’ll recognize the same components that bring order to the rest of your practice.

Our X-Ray System products include jackets, category insert jackets, color-coding, negative preservers and x-ray filing equipment. For additional details, see our online catalog.  

Accounting Systems

InHealth has been helping healthcare practices “take care of business” for more than 25 years. We offer a wide range of products and services for both the accounts receivable and the accounts payable sides of your practice.

Our Accounting System products include fee slips, statements, codebooks, checkwriting systems and deposit tickets. For additional details, see our online catalog.

Front Office/Marketing Systems

Our wide array of scheduling systems and marketing products help you manage the flow of patients through your practice. As always, you will be impressed with our combination of stock items and custom production.

For additional details, see our online catalog.


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