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InHealth Technology Service

Are you ready to improve your practice through technology, but you’re not sure if the basic infrastructure of your practice is up to the challenge? Ask your Service Representative about InHealth’s Technology Services Check-up. We evaluate your practice’s current technology infrastructure and provide a written analysis that outlines:

• Your practice’s technology strengths and weaknesses.

• Recommendations for improving any weakness.

• A roadmap for making those improvements.

Once you have a plan for necessary improvements, we can help you make them! All Services available on per-hour, per-project, or monthly-retainer fee basis.

Areas of expertise

• Personal Computers/Desktops/Work Stations

• Servers and Local Area Networks

• Wireless Networking Services

• Backup and Recovery Services

• Data Security – virus protection, firewalls, VPN

• Print/Copy/Fax/Scan Devices

• Telephone Systems

• Internet Connectivity and Carrier Services

• Hardware and Software Support Services

• Hardware and Software Installation Services

• Hardware and Software Training Services

Hardware Purchasing Services

When your practice technology plans include hardware:

• We’ll provide you with hardware specs, and you can purchase on your own; or

• We can do all the legwork (research, negotiate, purchase, track warranties, etc.) and provide you with the necessary hardware.

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