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InHealth Billing Service

A professional billing service should earn you money, not cost you money.

With InHealth Billing Services, you will:

• Realize a 10% increase in average daily billings.

• Eliminate 80% of your cost associated with under-coding and
inaccurate coding.

• Eliminate costly claims processing delays.

• Incur no write-offs due to processing delays.
100% of initial claims will process within 24 hours of encounter.
100% of “redo” claims will process within 24 hours of receipt.

• Eliminate 100% of the time required to receive paper
check payments from major insurance companies — through the use of electronic remittance capabilities.

• Reduce the number of days required to collect by 50%.

• Reduce billing personnel costs by 80%.

• Reduce practice management computer costs by 80%.


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