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InHealth's 16-Point Practice Protection Pledge

Protect Your Practice with the most comprehensive GUARANTEE in the industry!

1. 2-for-1 Replacement Policy

We will provide a product that is of acceptable quality or we will replace it at a two-for-one rate.

2. On Time or It’s FREE!

We will deliver your systems supplies on schedule or they are free.

3. Never Run Out Protection!

If we let you run out of your critical systems supplies, we will pay all express charges to get them to you by the fastest possible means.

4. No Price Increase for 2 Years!

We will protect your practice from price increases for 2 years or we will absorb the increases.

5. THERE when you need it

We provide same-day shipping of stock items and next-day shipping of production items when required.

6. Improved Cash Flow

Our computerized practice inventory control system will minimize the amount of your cash tied up in supply inventory.

7. More Office Space

Let us store your supplies for you and save you expensive office space.

8. Volume Pricing

Our “Supply Closet” service provides the economy of volume pricing while guaranteeing price protection for up to two years.

9. Try Before You Buy

We will provide you with free samples of stock items and no-charge mock-ups of custom items.

10. Factory Direct

InHealth is an original manufacturer, so we save you money!

11. No Dealer Overhead

Your InHealth Systems Consultant is a fulltime employee, not a cost-added dealer.

12. Your Record Specialist

We will help you design your record keeping system to save time, enhance patient care, reduce liability and increase staff efficiency.

13. Enhanced Practice Value

Our primary goal is to enhance the value of your practice and not simply sell you a product.

14. Customer Shopping Service

We will save you valuable time by providing a single-source shopping service to meet all of your needs.

15. HERE when you need us

An InHealth Service Representative is as close as your phone, twelve hours a day, 8 am to 8 pm EST, Monday through Friday.

16. THERE when you need us

When required, InHealth will send a Record Consultant to your practice.

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