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InHealth Divisions

InHealth Record Systems

InHealth Record Systems continues to improve our offering of paper-based record keeping systems – everything from folders and attachments to color-coding systems to stock and custom medical forms. Our Practice Protection Pledge provides the most comprehensive product and service guarantee in the industry.

InHealth Computer Systems / InHealth InSystems

InHealth InSystems presents a variety of medical software systems for practice management, electronic filing, and electronic charting. We purposely offer more than one software package so that we can help your practice pick the best fit for your unique requirements.

InHealth Transcription Services

InHealth Transcription Services employs more than 100 people equipped to process high volumes of dictation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! You can submit dictation to us in many different ways, so you choose the option that works best for your practice.

InHealth Billing Services

InHealth Billing Services guarantees that we will increase your practice cashflow. Services include data entry of initial patient demographics, coding review, claims processing, and collections. We provide access to a web-based software package for appointment scheduling, practice management, document scanning, prescriptions, and transcription.

InHealth Practice Management

InHealth Practice Management allows practice, clinical, and ambulatory health care professionals to provide superior patient service, enhance professional satisfaction, and maximize practice profitability through training, products, and advisory services.

Sleep Center Management Institute

Sleep Center Management Institute provides sleep management professionals with a venue for education, training, and advisement regarding the business issues involved in operating a profitable sleep lab or center.

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