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Services List

All services are billed at $150/hr. unless otherwise noted.

Level 1 -Basic Assessment
Basic assessment, 3 hour minimum. (Typically 3-4 hours to complete)

Assessment of hardware:
• PCs
• Servers
• Printers
• Scanners
• Network Connectivity
• Data Backup Systems
• Power Backup Systems
• Internet Connectivity

Assessment of software and operating systems:
• Check for needed Microsoft or vendor updates and security patches on PCs and servers.
• Verify a working Anti-Virus and that it is up to date.
• Determine any needed maintenance issues such as DEFRAG and SCANDISK to improve performance.


Level 2 (In addition to Level 1)

Some items can be done remotely.

Implement needed software and operating system updates and security patches. (.75 – 1 hours)

Perform needed maintenance issues such as DEFRAG and SCANDISK. (.50 - .75 hours)

Clean registry (Windows Central Nervous System) to improve performance. (.50 - .75 hours)

Update or install needed virus protection. Varies depending on virus software already installed or newly installed. (.75 - 1 hours)

Upgrade hardware needed to make older equipment work better or to vendor requirements.
Example: Add memory, hard drive, network cards, modems. (Time required varies by hardware and complexity.)


Optional (In addition to Level 2)

Remote update support where we will connect to your PCs and servers monthly to insure all needed updates and security patches are installed. We will also verify virus programs are up to date and running. Perform regular maintenance such and DEFRAG, SCANDISK and registry cleaning.

Server $50 per month
1 PC or Laptop $40 per month.
3 PCs or Laptops $105 per month.
5 PCs or Laptops $150 per month.
Each additional PC or laptop over 5 $25 per month.


Offsite Secure Remote Backup (Available separate from any of the service levels)

We can, in most cases, offer offsite secure backup of your data. In the even of hardware failure or theft your data is safe. $125 per PC/Laptop for the first year. $49.95 per year there after.


Any servers, PCs or laptops we setup, purchased through InHealth Computer Services or not, will be have all needed updates installed at the time of setup.


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