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Intergy by Sage

Intergy by Sage is a fully integrated financial and administrative management solution designed to fit the needs of practices of any size or specialty. The patient-centric design, intuitive graphical user interface, and relational database make it easy to learn while streamlining workflow, reducing errors, and providing a unified view of patient and practice health.

Works the way you do
The system can be customized to meet the workflow needs of your practice. It grows with your practice, offering seamless integration with Intergy EHR by Sage* and other advanced solutions.
• Utilize Intergy’s flexibility to create forms, letters, and templates designed for your needs.
• Customize everything from scheduling views to security roles.
• Use HIPAA-ready, integrated electronic data interchange to send claims and statements in batches or individually **
• Set-up eligibility verification to occur automatically **
• Automate actions and events to manage selected tasks through to completion
• Work with Sage Software to create HL7 interfaces to transfer information without re-entering data


  • Identify delinquent claims before the filing limit
  • Easily rebill claims
  • Automatically verify eligibility **
  • Confirm referrals prior to appointments
  • Keep Medicare and other plan fee schedules up to date
  • Fill last minutes openings with automated Wait List
  • Integrate seamlessly with Intergy EHR *
  • Maintain and update software with remote monitoring
  • Interface with other remote systems
  • Customize the system to meet your workflow

Dynamic Management Tools
Sophisticated features and dynamic management tools were designed to help you analyze and assess the state of your business. Use Patient Flow Tracking to better understand the patient experience from check in to check out.*** Select from more than 200 standard reports to monitor and improve practice performance, financial health, and the patient experience.

Customers Are Our Priority
A project manager will work with you to create a phased implementation plan to avoid disruption to operations. Training can be done onsite, online with computer-based training tools, or a combination of both. Sage Software also provides proactive support through our real-time Remote Monitoring System (RMS), which allows us to perform remote diagnostics and enables users to download updates.

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Rebill Claims for Specific Payers

The Rebill Utility allows you to rebill problem claims in groups—even when submitted across plans, multiple batches, providers or specific procedures classes, simplifying the rebill process and improving claim turnaround.

Delinquent Claims Identification

The Collections System provides insurance tools that allow you to set “follow-up” days for each plan to address problems before the filing limit has passed, resulting in fewer unpaid claims.

Insurance Coverage Verification

With Automated Eligibility Verification (AEV) you can perform eligibility verification in batches (based on scheduled appointments) or for individual patients on demand to help ensure that patients are covered for services before their appointments. **

Customizable Actions, Tasks and Events

The Actions & Events feature of the Office Efficiency Bundle for Intergy Practice enables you to customize actions and tasks based on events (i.e. New Patient Letter/Packet is created when a new patient is scheduled). ***

Referral Confirmation

Lab orders and results are saved directly into the patient record with automated lab solutions that connect you to most commercial labs along with in-office or hospital-based labs.

Paper Flow Management

The Managed Care Module is integrated with the Appointment Scheduler. This solution notifies the scheduler when no visits are remaining or if remaining visits are already allocated to scheduled appointments.

Pre-Appointment Data Capture

With the Questionnaires solution in the Office Efficiency Bundle, you can tie custom forms to appointment types to capture data and provide pre-appointment instructions to patients. ***

Timely Fee Schedule and Payment Tracking

With minimal time and effort, you can use the Profile Importer Utility to import the latest Medicare and plan fee schedules, track expected payments for each procedure, and update fee schedules without overwriting previous rates.

Easy-to-run Aging Reports

Standard aging Reports in Intergy Practice can be run for any time period, eliminating the need to run the report daily/weekly/ monthly. You can just as easily run a report for last week as you can for last year.

Avoid Empty Appointment Slots

The automated Appointment Wait List feature places patients on a waiting list and notifies staff of patients who can fill an open slot, reducing the number of empty appointment slots.

Complete Integration with Intergy EHR by Sage

Intergy Practice and Intergy EHR were fully engineered to be completely integrated to avoid the need for duplicate data entry. *

Remote System Maintenance

The Remote Monitoring System (RMS) monitors critical system resources and performance, ensures regular backups, can log a support call for you, and can automatically deliver the latest upgrades to your system.


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