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Intergy EHR by Sage

Healthcare is changing. You’re seeing patients with more complex, chronic conditions. It’s difficult to keep up with all the new advances in care and technology. Reimbursements are dwindling or being restructured. And, there’s an increasing, national focus on improving quality and reducing errors. For many, it may feel like you are losing control of your practice. Intergy EHR by Sage can help you regain control. It was built by physicians for physicians to make relevant clinical information readily available at the point of care to plan and document the delivery of quality care.


  • Eliminate misplaced and lost paper charts with Intergy EHR
  • Health Management provides reminders for upcoming or overdue care
  • EHR Encounter Note can reduce or eliminate transcription
  • Electronic prescribing improves the speed and accuracy of prescriptions
  • Lab test requests and results are saved directly to the patient record
  • Store and retrieve virtually all documents and images in the practice
  • Access and analyze financial and patient data
  • Use of the Medcin® nomenclature can improvecare and coding

Intuitive Encounter Documentation
The process begins and ends with the patient chart, the centerpiece of each patient’s care. Often practices struggle with keeping charts up to date or finding charts when they’re needed. Intergy EHR addresses this by putting the chart into a digital format. Scan hard-copy documentation into the system and it becomes available from anywhere, at anytime. Then, enter new data directly into the patient record—vitals, allergies, etc. If paper comes into the office, scan it into the chart. You will have instant access to accurate information, simultaneously from multiple locations.

Care Guidelines
Once the chart is electronic, begin documenting care electronically. With structured clinical documentation, you can comprehensively document the encounter and improve coding. Complete the visit by electronically ordering lab tests, submitting prescriptions, and documenting required follow up. For ongoing care of chronic conditions, use disease management and health maintenance tools.

Automating the chart, the encounter and tasks like prescriptions helps eliminate areas where errors can be made and provides you with documentation of patient interactions and events. Use this documentation to analyze everything from outcomes to wait times. With this data, you can meet Payfor- Performance requirements, participate in research studies, improve the overall management of your business, and regain control of your practice.

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Online access and Maintenance of Patient Charts

With Intergy EHR Chart you can manage the patient chart electronically, virtually eliminating the problem of lost and misplaced charts. You’ll replace the costs and inefficiencies of maintaining paper records with the benefits of being able to allow authorized staff to access the entire medical record online, in real time from multiple locations.

Quality Care reminders

You’ll be able to keep up with a fast-paced practice, deliver quality care, and even achieve Pay-for-Performance bonuses from payers with Health Management. This solution provides reminders of upcoming or overdue care to help ensure that the clinical guidelines you set for patients are met.

Electronic Encounter Documentation

Encounter documentation is captured at the point of care, reducing instances where the costly and time-consuming dictation and transcription process is needed. Using Medcin’s comprehensive clinical vocabulary allows the provider to document an encounter using discrete clinical findings at the point of care to help achieve Pay-for-Performance bonuses, conduct research and improve coding.

Accurate, Easy-to-read Prescription Generation

Improve the accuracy and speed of prescriptions and streamline the renewal process with integrated electronic prescribing with DUR and formulary validation.

Streamlined Lab order entry and results Processing

Lab orders and results are saved directly into the patient record with automated lab solutions that connect you to most commercial labs along with in-office or hospital-based labs.

Paper Flow Management

Document and image management solutions enable you to efficiently capture and organize incoming and existing paper documentation into patients’ electronic health records.

Clinical Performance and outcome Evaluation

Practice Analytics works with EHR Chart and Encounter Note to help you evaluate clinical and operational indicators to assess performance and outcomes.

Automated Communication and Task Management

Automate the process of communication between front desk, billing, nurses and physicians and enable staff to more effectively manage tasks such as phone calls and refills with the Clinical Task Manager. Providers can use the system to manage clinical activities to improve quality and efficiency.


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