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Transform your practice in record time.

Insight IV is an award-winning Electronic Health Record (EHR) System that enables medical practices to step from paper-based patient record keeping into a fully computerized system - simply, quickly and painlessly. The software mimics your current practice setup. What you see on the screen will look just like the records you use today. Amazingly, there's little to learn!

Install in 1 day - Learn in 15 minutes
FREE support and updates
Save time, space and money - NOW!
Stop prepping and storing paper charts

Process more patients… and revenue
Cut down on errors and liability
Access records anywhere at any time (wireless)
Boost patient care and staff morale


Custom Form Templates
Insight IV is the only EHR that allows electronic forms to mimic your paper forms.

Intuitive Touch Screen Interface
Each screen looks like part of a medical practice... not like a bland computer screen.

Image Files in Patient Records
Scan, email, fax, and save any relevant document, X-Ray, MRI, etc. with notes.

Multiple offices can share the same chart
Access one chart at the same time. even, from the comfort of your home!

Labs and Record Requisitions
Retrieve results from the lab and fulfill record requests with the click of a button.

Chart Checkout Function
Take patient records on your laptop when making rounds, and sync the records later.

State-of-the-art security
(HL Compliant) Scheduling, patient information, billing, and activity logs form a secure audit trail.

Optional features
Virtual Waiting Room, Coding, Digital Voice Recording & Electronic Prescriptions. Ask your Service Representative for an online software demo of these features and more.

Never Lose Another Patient Record

Access up-to-date charts from any work station

Respond immediately to phone calls

Fax directly from the chart itself

Add pictures to the chart using a digital camera

Know who made what changes to the patient's chart

See exactly what was in the chart at any prior time

Document any sharing of patient information outside the practice

Secure records from unauthorized users

Cash In On Very Real Savings

Code more accurately

Speed up billing and collections

Employ fewer staff

Cut the cost of transcription, faxes, paper and other supplies

Make better use of records storage space

Provide Better Health Care, With Ease

Create daily patient lists

Track and time patients throughout their visit

Free more time for physicians and staff to interact with patients

Monitor physicians' orders

Use the database to conduct research and analysis

Automatically Update Clinical Notes

Complete a typical comprehensive encounter record in one minute

Log vital signs and problem lists

Enable treatment reminders and critical patient alerts (allergies)

View past encounters and clinical reasoning

Document normals and abnormals

Graph developmental history

Track a variety of Tests and Progress Notes

Calculate prescription dosages and print prescriptions

Ask your Service Representative for an online software demo of these features and more.

Click here to request a demo online.

"We added a physician and still reduced our number of support staff. Responding to patient inquiries takes a few minutes instead of hours. Our patients are impressed at how professional our office is."

Pricing Information

Pricing to be provided by InHealth… easy to understand and use, it is also very easy to evaluate. Low monthly payment basis that can be cancelled without penalty at any time, eliminates the need for a lengthy and complicated selection process.


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