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InSight I - File Vision

Bridge the gap between paper and paperless!

Employ an Electronic Filing System to help you efficiently manage document storage in your practice. InSight I replicates the filing equipment, filing drawers/shelves, and file folders in your office.

With InSight I, you receive the flexibility of capturing documents via scanning or electronic document import, electronic access to critical practice/patient documents, and an audit trail that tells you who views which documents and when.

Advantages of an Electronic Filing System

• Improves access to information and cuts practice overhead costs associated
with finding, retrieving and refiling documents. Lost files and misfiled
information are virtually eliminated.

• Reduces cost of supplies such as folders, labels, and filing equipment.

• Decreases and ultimately does away with the need for onsite or offsite
storage space.

Practical Applications:

Billing Department

Documents such as EOBs, fee slips, checks and deposit slips.

Patient Charts

Inactive and archived patient charts.

Front Office

Tasks such as scanning of insurance cards and drivers' licenses.

Back Office

Operations such as scanning of leases, equipment maintenance records, insurance contracts, etc.

Human Resources

Documentation such as employee applications, personnel records and employee insurance information.

Document Scanning

Easily scan documents into the system, creating a permanent record of important information..

Pricing Information

InHealth offers a variety of pricing options - everything from outright purchase to 60-month financing to monthly rental. We'll help you decide which option is most efficient and cost-effective for your practice.

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