Inactive/archived patient charts are costing your practice money!

How? You are no longer receiving practice revenue from these patients, yet:

• Their medical records are taking up expensive office space.
• You may even be paying for offsite storage.
• When you do need to access one of them, the cost of retrieval is

InHealth Document Scanning Service will prepare, scan, index and verify all of your inactive/archived patient documents and make them available to you in one of the following two options.

CLICK HERE - to view how Papervision Enterprise can remove the clutter.

Option One - Data Retrieved on CD

After scanning your inactive patient charts, you have the option of receiving your data back on CD. You would keep one copy in your office and another in a secure off-site location.

Ask about our "Document Reader" software that allows you to search by indexed values to determine which CD the record you want is on.

Would you like to access some Demo Data? Either ask your InHealth Service Representative to send you a Demo Disk or CLICK HERE for instructions for downloading a file with the sample records that are contained on our Demo Disk.

Did you like what you saw? Call your InHealth Service Representative today to see how you can receive a Personalized Demo Disk using your practice's medical records data.

Option 2 - Online Records Hosting Services

Access Archived
Medical Records -

Scanning your archived medical records may have saved you office space and
off-site storage costs; but, did it really save you in retrieval time and costs?

Maybe not! Especially by the time you locate the correct storage CD, locate the patient record on the CD and then find the document within the record you are looking for.

InHealth's Online Record Hosting Service provides you instant access to scanned records through a web-based, secure, HIPAA-compliant online search and retrieval service.

Would you like to access some demo data? Ask your InHealth Service Representative for a temporary Login and Password and —

FIRST CLICK HERE - and download the Setup.exe application before accessing the database at the links below. Save the application to your local hard drive and install it from there. The setup.exe file is 18.6 mb.

CLICK HERE - to review sample data online

- Existing Document Scanning Services Customers

Demo Available. Click here to request a demo.

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