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Keep more of the money you make

Once you decide to outsource, picking the right partner is key. At InHealth, we offer outsourcing services in the areas of Billing Services, Transcription Services & Technology Services (including hardware, training, support, and maintenance.) With more than 25 years experience working only with health care practices, we are uniquely qualified to be your “Partner in Practice”.

With InHealth Billing Services, you will:
• Realize a 10% increase in average daily billings.
• Eliminate 80% of your cost associated with under-coding.
• Eliminate costly claims processing delays.
• Incur no write-offs due to processing delays.
• Reduce the number of days required to collect by 50%.
• Reduce billing personnel costs by 80%.
• Reduce practice management computer costs by 80%.

Services Offered:

Data Entry

• Initial patient   demographics
• Updates to patient   demographics

Claims Processing

• Coding review, claims   entry, claims transmittal
• Review of rejected   claims,   payment   processing

Collection Services

• Processing and mailing   statements and collection   letters
• Response to patient   inquiries in reference to   their account statements.

Web-based Access

• Appointment scheduling
• Practice management   software
• Document scanning   software
• Prescription module
• Transcription module

Pricing Information

InHealth charges an initial Account Set-up Fee and an Ongoing Monthly Fee. This monthly fee is a percentage of total dollars received and is based on the practice's minimum monthly net cash receipts.

Our $2 for $1 Guarantee

If, at any time during InHealth’s engagement as your practice’s billing service and accounts receivable management provider, InHealth is unsuccessful in providing the practice with services that provide a minimum ROI for the practice of at least $2 for every $1 paid to InHealth through increased billings, improved cashflow, increased net income and reduced cost as compared to the practice’s experience prior to engaging InHealth, InHealth will refund to the practice 100% of the fees billed by InHealth during the previous 30 days.

Call us today to schedule an indepth survey/analysis of your practice. With our guaranteed return on investment, you can't lose!

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